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What is JumboSell? How does it work?

JumboSell is a free app that can be installed on smartphones running iOS or Android.

JumboSell was created for those who value their time. With this app, you will substantially reduce time spent on selling used or new items as well as advertise services provided by you.

Is JumboSell free?

Download and use the app absolutely for free.

How do I get started with JumboSell?

First of all, you need to download the app to your smartphone. The app is available for smartphones running iOS or Android.

After the app is installed, you’ll be able to access the main page that contains all active listings on JumboSell. If you have found an item you'd like to buy or you want to post your own listing, you’ll need to sign up and fill out the registration form or simply log in with your social media account.

After you have signed up, you are able to post your first listing or make your first purchase. No additional settings are required.

Using JumboSell

What are JumboSell's selling restrictions?

You’re allowed to buy or sell almost every item or service on JumboSell but there are certain restrictions.

Items offered for sale on Jumbosell must comply with all national and international laws and regulations. For detailed information on prohibited items and listing restrictions, see Annex 1 to the Terms and Conditions.

Besides the information indicated in Annex 1 to the Terms and Conditions, we prohibit to post listings if:

  • listing photos are blurry;
  • the listing (its description and/or photos) is identical with the one submitted by the Seller;
  • the listing contains contact details (phone numbers, email addresses, links to social media accounts, etc.);
  • pictures and description of the item/service contain direct or indirect links to other websites, apps or products;
  • the listing contains incorrect, untrue, contradictory or unconfirmed information;
  • the listing misinforms the buyer;
  • the listing contains information not related to the item;
  • items with unrealistic prices;
  • the listing has grammar and spelling mistakes;
  • items are under copyright protection;
  • the listing contains advertising information;
  • the listing breaches communication ethics, laws and regulations;
  • the listing contains information related to assaults, racism, politics, xenophobia and such that can heat up international conflicts.

How do I post a listing on JumboSell?

If you’ve already installed the app and signed up/loged in, you’re now able to create a listing using these three steps:

  • tap the green Camera icon right at the bottom of the screen;

  • tap “Sell” in the profile menu;

  • tap “Start Selling” on your profile page.

The next step is to choose what you're going to sell: an item or a service.

If you want to sell an item:

Please take a picture (1) of the item you want to sell or upload it from your phone gallery (3). Auto Detect toggle (2) allows to turn the image recognition on or off.

Next, please do the following:

  1. Set the price (it can be either fixed or negotiable).
  2. Indicate the item's title: the app automatically identifies your item and offers you the title (you can change it if you don't like the proposed title).
  3. Select the most appropriate category for your item. If there’s no such category for your item, you can add it to two other categories that are associated with it.

After you've gone through the above steps, your item is ready to be posted. However, you can add detailed information about your item. To do this, please tap "Add More Details".

You can add the following information:

  1. Upload up to four pictures of the item.
  2. Indicate item's condition.
  3. Indicate a reason for selling.
  4. Set your price.
  5. Add item's market price (if known).
  6. Textual description of the item (up to 280 symbols).
  7. Indicate a location where the buyer can pick up the item.

After you’ve filled out the required fields, tap “Post” .

In a few seconds your item will appear in categories you’ve selected.

What are the listing rules for each category?

Category names on JumboSell correspond to their content. The seller must select the most relevant category to which item can be assigned to.

You can assign your item only to one category.

It is prohibited to assign items to inappropriate categories. Categories help buyers find items fast and easy.

In a situation when the item was assigned to a wrong category, the Administrator is entitled to change the item's category. In a situation when the item was assigned to a wrong category several times, the Administrator is entitled to remove the item and send a relevant notification or even impose restrictions to the user's account.

How do I write a correct title for my listing?

Every word you put in your listing should have significant meaning. Since most of potential buyers use Search bar to find desired items, the title of the listed item must be very informative to help buyers find information fast.

Here are some basic rules which will help you to write an effective title:

  • use words which refer to the description of the item being sold;
  • avoid abbreviations (except when the abbreviation is well-known and commonly used) and grammar mistakes;
  • don’t use such symbols as “&”,”@”, etc;
  • don’t use words and phrases as “sell”, “implement”, “have a look”, “I invite buyers”, etc. When you create a listing, it means you offer an item for sale;
  • don’t start the title with prepositions (“for”, from”, etc.). The search engine doesn’t index those parts of speech;
  • try to use short and simple titles like “vase”, “phone”, etc. As a rule, buyers generally search for specific items.

How do I write an effective listing description?

A good and full description enhances the chances of the item to be sold.

These are the questions the seller should answer before writing a description:

  • What is an item that’s going to be sold?
  • What’s it made of?
  • When and where was it made?
  • What’s an item condition (new, used)?
  • Are there any damages?

Of course, these are not all questions. Every item is unique and there can be much more questions to ask. The main thing is to answer the most important questions and those which will distinguish the item and will attract buyers.

Guidelines for writing a listing description are:

  • the description must refer to the listed item;
  • the description must contain full information about damages or defects of the item (if any);
  • the description must contain information related to the item’s origin and its manufacturer.

It is prohibited to put the following information into your listings:

  • incorrect, untrue, contradictory and unconfirmed information;
  • information that infringes the rights of the parties to a transaction, the rights of the Administrator and third parties;
  • advertising information;
  • misleading information;
  • information that can manipulate searching results;
  • contact details (phone numbers, email addresses, etc.);
  • direct and indirect links;
  • information that contains offers to buy items outside of JumboSell;
  • swap offers;
  • information that does not relate to the listed item ;
  • information related to assaults, racism, politics, xenophobia and such that can heat up international conflicts;
  • text full of grammar and spelling mistakes that can’t be read and understood by other users.

Please note that a description may contain up to 300 symbols.

Why can't I see the listing I've posted in the "Listed" section?

When you post a listing on JumboSell, it may not immediately appear in the chosen category. This can take up to a minute.

Moreover, we advise you to check if the search filters were used correctly for the chosen category. Perhaps, your item does not satisfy filters and therefore is not listed. To make sure that your item is on sale, we recommend you to check the “Listed” section on your Profile page.

If the item didn’t appear in the chosen category and you can’t see it in your Profile or in the “Archive” section, please contact our Customer Service at

Why does my listing have “Pending” status?

If you have used your email to sign up with the app but have not verified it yet, your listing will have ‘Pending’ status.

Email verification is a procedure to check if your email is valid or not.

In order to verify your email address, move to ‘My Profile and Listings’. A verification code will be sent to the email you have indicated. Enter a code you see in the letter. If you enter it correctly, the message ‘Verification successful!’ will appear.

Note: a verification code is valid for 15 minutes only. If you enter it upon 15 min. or you’ve mistakenly entered a previously ordered code, you will be notified that code is invalid. In this case, you can order another code on ‘My Profile and Listings’ page and enter it right away.

Why haven’t I received a verification letter?

Probably, you have indicated an incorrect email address. To check it, go to ‘Settings’ – ‘Edit Profile’ or ‘My Profile and Listings’ and chose ‘Edit Profile’ in the right dropdown menu. Make sure your email address is correct, otherwise correct it by tapping ‘Change email address’. Now you can reorder a verification code as mentioned above.

Note: if you use your social media account to register in the app, the email verification procedure is unnecessary.

How do I find out my item is purchased?

If the buyer became interested in your item, first he will send you an offer to purchase it. You’ll get a push notification on your smartphone and an email notification. Please go to the “Settings” > “Notifications” and make sure this push notification are turned on.

You can either accept (1) or reject (2) an offer.

When you accept the buyer’s offer, the purchase is registered with the system. The information on the purchased item goes from the “Listed” to the “Archive” and is available on your Profile page.

How do I correct a current listing? When can I do this?

If you have already posted your listing, you may still correct its description any time. Thus, you can change:

  • Picture;
  • Item's title;
  • Price;
  • Market price;
  • Description and item's condition;
  • Location.

To edit the listing, you need to find it in the "Listed" section and tap "Edit" .

How do potential buyers know that the item they are interested in is sold or listing is removed?

If the user has started chatting with the seller to discuss the item he is interested in but it was eventually sold to another user or the listing was removed, such user will be informed on that:

  • by receiving a push notification;
  • by receiving an email message;
  • this chat in the “Chat” section will be marked as “Sold”/ “Closed”.

How do I remove/delete my listing?

To remove your listing you must:

  • Find your listing in the "Listed" section;
  • Tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the listing.

  • Select “Remove”.
  • Done. Your listing is no longer available.

Afterwards “Removed” sign will appear on that listing. The listing won’t show up in the categories. On your Profile page the listing will be moved to the “Archive” section.

How can I find a certain item on JumboSell?

In order to find a certain item on JumboSell, you must enter the item's title in the Search bar that is located right above the category list on the main page or select any category and you’ll see it above as well.

Besides searching for an item by title, you can use filters to customize search results, only items that satisfy your request will be shown.

You can sort and filter items by:

  • Category
  • Popularity
  • Price
  • Location

How do I remember items that I'm not able to buy now?

If you’ve found the item you like but you’re not able to buy it now, simply tap the Heart icon on the item’s picture and it will be added to your “Likes”.

“Likes” section is located on the main page at the top of the screen.

To delete a mark and remove the item from “Likes’” simply tap the Heart icon again.

How do I buy items on JumboSell?

If you’ve found the desired item, you need to contact the seller. You can contact the seller by taping “Chat” (1) and send a message with all your questions or tap “Buy” (2) and offer your price. You can bargain to bring down the price.

If the seller agrees to your offer, he will accept it and you’ll receive a certain notification. If the seller refuses to sell the item at the price offered, he will reject the offer and you’ll receive a notification as well.

Please draw your attention that the delivery option that JumboSell provides is pickup in person. Every listing shows a location chosen by the seller where you can pick up your item. If you’re unable to pick up the item yourself and you’d like the item to be shipped to you, we advise you to agree on it with the seller beforehand. Make sure you make an offer after you’ve agreed everything.

After the transaction is conducted, you can leave a feedback score and a comment for the seller.

How do I ask a seller a question?

If you have any questions you'd like to ask a seller about, please tap “Chat” in the lower left corner of the screen.

The seller will receive your message and will be able to answer it. You’ll receive push notification on a new message/answer. You can open the message and start chatting with the seller or you can open the app and select “Chat” in your Profile. Then find the right chat by the seller’s name.

What shipping and payment options are available on JumboSell?

JumboSell priority shipping option is pick up in person. When searching for items, the buyer is able to see the seller’s preferred location where the buyer can pick up the item. This option helps speed up the transaction. The buyer pays for the item upon pickup.

However, the seller and the buyer may negotiate other shipping and payment options (for instance, express shipping service with a full payment upon receipt, partial prepayment - paying shipping fee upon receipt or full payment – payment for the item and shipping beforehand).

We advise you to discuss delivery options before making an offer to the seller.

How do I leave feedback to a seller?

You can score the transaction with the seller right after the seller has accepted your price offer. This option will be available within the chat with the seller right after the seller has accepted your price offer.

Tap the “Leave Feedback” button and you’ll be asked to select the type of media-based type of feedback:

  • Upload a picture from your gallery – you can take a picture of the item received.
  • Take a picture with your smartphone – take a picture of you and the item you received.
  • Leave video feedback - you can shoot a short video and describe your impressions on the transaction.

If you are unwilling to leave such type of feedback, you may skip this step by selecting “Skip”. Then you’ll be forwarded to the page that allows you to leave a comment and feedback score.

You can rate the transaction according to 5-point scale: 5-stars means high rating, 1-star means low rating. After you have left a feedback score, you will be offered to leave a comment to the seller.

The comment may contain up to 280 symbols.

Can the seller rate a transaction with the buyer?

Yes, the seller has such option. However, the feedback score that the seller leaves is non-public information and is stored in our database only. This score is unavailable neither for users nor for the buyer.

How do I report an item or a user?

If you find a mistake in the listing or find out that our policy has been violated, please notify our Customer Service at

Tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the listing and select “Report”.

Then select the reason of your report and tap “OK” . Your message will be delivered to the Customer Service for further verification. If we prove the fact of violation, we are able to take the following actions: edit the item's description, delete the item, send warning notification to the seller or block the seller's account.

If the user breaches the rules of the Terms & Conditions while chatting, he must be reported as well. Tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen and select “Report the User”.

Then select the reason of your report and tap “OK” . Your message will be delivered to the Customer Service for further verification.

If we prove the fact of violation, we are able to take the following actions on the user: send warning notification to the user or block the user's account.

JumboSell Account

How do I edit my profile details?

You can edit your profile details in two ways:

  • On your Profile page
  • By tapping the Menu button in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Then you can select either “Settings” or go to your Profile page by taping “My Profile and Items”.

    On the Profile page tap “Edit Profile”.

    The page with your personal details, which you can edit, will open.

    You can edit any field.

How do I change password?

If you used your email address to create your account and forgot your account password, you can reset it by tapping “Tap to reset” on the “Log In” page.

Then you will need to confirm your email that you used to create your account.

You will receive an email containing a link to reset password. This link will forward you to the page where you can enter a new password and save it.

If you want to change your password go to “Settings" > "Edit Profile”. Tap “Change Password”, enter your current password and set a new password and confirm it in the next field. Then tap “Set”.

The “Set” button will become active after you fill out all the fields.

How do I change notification settings?

Almost all actions in the app are followed by notifications. You will be informed by push notifications. Push notifications are sent to your smartphone and are the part of the app.

To change notification settings go to “Settings” and select “Notifications”.

Then tap the toggle to turn notifications On or Off for those notifications you’d like or you wouldn’t like to receive.

Where can I find my active listings?

Information on all your listings can be found on your profile page in the “Listed” section.

What is a feedback rating? How is it made up?

Feedback rating represents the seller’s individual reputation that is made up of scores and comments left by buyers after the transaction was conducted. The sellers’ scores are public and available on the Seller's Profile.

You can rate the transaction according to 5-point scale: 5-stars means high rating, 1-star means low rating. After you have left a feedback score, you will be offered to leave a comment to the seller. Your comment may contain up to 280 symbols.

The buyer can also add a pictures or video to his comment.

The seller’s rating is made up by computing an average feedback score left by buyers.

How do I delete a comment and a score I got?

The seller is technically unable to delete the comment and the score left by the buyer.

In some cases, the seller may contact the Customer Service at and ask to edit or delete the comment provided that:

  • the comment contains assaults, swear words, colloquial expression, etc.;
  • information, pictures or videos related to racial hatred, sexual violence, xenophobia, conflicts;
  • vulgar or obscene, information, pictures or videos;
  • business partner’s or other person’s details (names and surnames, user’s name, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, WWW-addresses, unreadable symbols);
  • advertising texts, pictures and video;
  • feedback was left by mistake or left with intention to harm the seller’s reputation (for instance, for the purpose of revenge) as indicated by the comment left, the period of time or other factors (at the discretion of the Customer Service);
  • the comment doesn’t correspond to the score left;
  • the comment was left by the buyer who made an offer in order to leave a comment;
  • the comment, which relates to the item quality, has been left since 14 days after the transaction or after the time period for the warranty indicated in the description has expired on condition that the buyer didn’t contact the seller before leaving feedback.

How can I delete the conversation with a buyer?

Chats are considered active if the item you discuss is still available for sale. You can’t delete active chats.

Chats are considered closed if:

  • the item you were discussing in that chat was sold;
  • the item were discussing in that chat was removed by the seller;
  • the item were discussing in that chat was deleted buy the Administrator
  • the buyer closed the chat by himself

You can delete closed chats by selecting “Remove Closed Chats”. This option will delete all closed chats.

What is “Activity” section? What kind of information does it contain?

“Activity” is a section where all actions performed by the account owner or the system are displayed chronologically.

How do I share the app?

You can share the app with your friends by selecting “Invite Friends” in the Menu.

You can send the link to the app via SMS, Viber, email, social networks or via other messengers that are installed on your smartphone.

How can I delete my account?

If you have decided to delete your account, please contact our Customer Service at

If I delete the app from my smartphone, will my account and the listed items be deleted as well?

When you delete the app from your smartphone, your account will still be available. You can download and install the app again and sign in using your registration details. All the data, settings, chats and listed items will remain unchanged.

Why is my JumboSell account blocked?

The Administrator has a right to block the user's account (accounts) for the following reasons (including, but not limited to):

  • the user has indicated false contact information (name/surname, telephone number);
  • there was actual or nominal change of the account owner (transfer/sale of registered accounts is prohibited);
  • the user has listed prohibited or restricted items several times (two or more);
  • the user has breached the listing rules several times (two or more);
  • the user actions towards other users and the administrator are interpreted by the administrator as lie, fraud, or misinformation;
  • spamming and sending other unwanted messages to other users of the app;
  • buying and selling items using other accounts owned by the user (rating growth);
  • the user breaches Terms and Conditions of this agreement several times (two or more) during a week or more;
  • the user does not comply with the requirements imposed by the administrator under the "Terms & Conditions";
  • violation of the "Terms & Conditions" that caused harm to other user and/or the Administrator;
  • user’s slander, acts or inaction insult the Administrator’s colleagues, other users and harm Administrator’s business reputation.